Documenting Specific F%&cking Syntax For The Examples On f%&

While I am enjoying Swift more and more, I still love Objective-C, and continue to work in it professionally. One of the biggest syntactic pain points in Objective-C is definitely blocks (closures for the non Objc).

When trying to write an Objective-C block from scratch, the majority of iOS developers turn immediately to (This is not a secret) Due to the slightly off-putting syntax that is different in different contexts.

But I often find myself slowed down for a couple minutes trying to turn the generalized syntax (below) into specific syntax:

As a local variable:

returnType (^blockName)(parameterTypes) = ^returnType(parameters) {...};

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Favorite Xcode Tips and Tricks

I just came across a fantastic blog post by @detroitLabs regarding Xcode tips and tricks. I learned a few great ones, which I’ve listed below, but I wanted to add my own contribution that I’ve learned recently.

If you want to view git diffs of any file in Xcode, you can tap the button shown below. I had not realized this existed until recently!

This is useful for two things

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