I Love This Idea – Seems Like A Great Reference

I Love This Idea – Seems Like A Great Reference

How to learn X

The things I have learned best, I have learned by working through the hard slog of either replicating someone else’s work/derivation or by using a technique/technology to the point that a meaningful understanding was required. For things that were worth learning, this has always been accompanied by (a) moment(s) of deep frustration to the point of nearly crying or crying out in frustration. I know what that moment feels like. It is very visceral and has taught me that the feeling is a good one, because I (usually) can get through it to the point of learning, and good things are on the other side.

This referenced repo has links and references to lots of potentially interesting things to learn. In some regards, such a list stresses me out, because off the top of my head, there are at least 8 subjects for which I would like to do a deep dive. But I don’t have time to do that. It makes me despair of even trying. But the upside to this view is that I have lots of worthwhile things which are currently taking my attention.